'The impulse to travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of life.'

―Agnes Repplier

NursesChoose is the idea of an ex-staffing company employee who left the industry after growing tired of contacting hundreds of healthcare professionals with jobs that just didn’t fit with their needs. She saw the need to build a platform that was more effective in matching nurses’ travel needs with suitable assignments. We all lead busy lives and cannot afford time talking to recruiters that are really only interested in fill in their openings quick even though they do not match your professional desires. 

The benefit of NursesChoose to nurses should now be clear:

a. Only reputable staffing companies will contact you for fear of a poor ranking if they waste your time and cannot match your requirements.


b. Nurses pay nothing for listing their needs and are not under any obligation to communicate with any staffing company.


c. You save your valuable time. Let the offers come to you and choose the one that best fits your desires.


d. You help your fellow travel nurses by providing feedback on the staffing companies’ ability to match your needs.


NursesChoose is the ideal means for travel nurses to secure their next assignment as it avoids having to deal with time wasting recruiters. You only get to communicate with companies that have job openings that fit with your own requirements.

Staffing Companies will find that this is a great source to locate and place motivated nurse applicants. Furthermore, instead of competing with hundreds of other staffing companies to recruit and place a nurse, you are likely only to be working with a few other companies that can fit the geographic requirements of that nurse.