Travel Nursing Placement – Urban Vs Rural Hospital Assignment

Some people like the adrenaline rush of busy, even chaotic work settings, while others prefer a steady, more evenly- paced environment. Which one are you? That’s one of the more important questions you should ask yourself when it comes to choosing a travel nursing placement.

The level of action you may find in a rural hospital compared with that in an urban setting will differ. There are other aspects to each location that vary as well. You will also find the level of staffing, technology, and even the average age of patients and other elements aren’t necessarily the same for each type of facility. Knowing what you’re getting into with each choice may help you to make a better informed decision with your travel nursing agency assignment.

Survey Findings

According to the CDC, data from the National Hospital Discharge Survey found that a far lower percentage of hospitalizations were in rural hospitals at just 12%.

Of the rural hospitalizations, a higher percentage of patients (51%) were over the age of 65, while that number in urban hospitals was 37%.

A higher percentage of patients in rural locations had no procedures performed compared with urban patients – 64% vs 38%.

While the average number of diagnoses were roughly the same for each, urban hospitals saw more childbirths and cancer, with rural hospitals handling more pneumonia, bronchitis, and dehydration.

Impact on Your Experience

While most of those statistics probably come as no surprise, that information combined with some other likely factors could greatly impact your decision to accept an assignment in a particular town or hospital. The level of resources available, the presence of specialists, and even the degree to which you may be needed to take on more responsibilities will vary.

Urban facilities likely have more physicians and other medical professionals to provide comprehensive care with nurses playing a highly necessary but more supportive role. Rural facilities may depend on nurses administering care and treating patients in a more in-depth role throughout the community.

Making a Choice

In reality, neither situation is better than another, just different. Your choice for travel nursing placement may be driven by some of the information above, or it could be based on something else entirely. However, taking into account some of these statistics is a great way to ensure that your travel nursing job will be one that best suits you.

Perhaps you are looking for something vastly different than your previous assignment, or your decision is based on being in a particular region of the country. Either way, your travel nursing agency should provide you with a range of options at hospitals with good reputations.

Whether you choose the country life or the city life for your temporary gig, make sure you are receiving the best support from your placement agency. For a comprehensive array of jobs and the best benefits available, contact us today.

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